Locarta measures and analyses where people go in the real world, through a panel of smartphone users

For Marketers

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Prove how effective your mobile ad campaign is at sending people to physical stores

For Analysts

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Analyse high-level visitation patterns and trends (e.g. how footfall in supermarkets changes over time)

For Developers

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User profiles
Delve into the demographics and real-world behaviour of your app’s users
Daily Visits measured


Location standard
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    Rich first-party data

    We pull high-quality data directly from the phone, and measure more than just location

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    Hard science

    We use industry-leading statistical models to predict the probability of a visit based on many factors, not just GPS

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    Accurate results

    We actively correct for panel skew based on both stated and inferred user demographics

“Our advertisers demand Locarta Attribution to quantify the value we provide them”Christian Gaiser, CEO KaufDA

Privacy Promise

Strict Privacy

We adhere to German privacy law – one of the toughest in the world


Awarded the ePrivacy seal following an independent audit


All data is aggregated, to prevent anyone being personally identified


Locarta is funded with resources from the Pro FIT program. The Pro FIT project is co-financed with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) with the goal to develop and exploit innovative market research methods for the offline retail sector.