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We are a location analytics company, measuring people’s behaviour in the real world. Whenever we discover something interesting, we’ll post it here.

Congratulations to Havas 

Berlin, 09/04/2018

For Havas Media Group Locarta measured a combined OOH and Mobile campaign for Paco Rabanne (PUIG Germany) in the two weeks before Christmas. With it Havas has been shortlisted for a Deutscher Digital Award (German Digital Award) in the category Digital Advertising Campaign – Cross-Media. 

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The perfect time for visiting IKEA

Berlin, 29/06/2017

Confronted with having to buy new furniture? We have all been there. Locarta analysed visitor data to German IKEA stores and has the ultimate insights when to go – and when not to unless you like to queue.

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Locarta shortlisted for Criteo Performance Marketing Award

Berlin, 12/06/2017

Tech company Criteo accords leaders in performance marketing with its awards and this year Locarta has been shortlisted in the category “Most Innovative Performance Marketing Start-up”.

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Berlin breakdown: Is Neukölln really full of hipsters?

Berlin, 08/03/2017

How Neukölln has changed – ten years ago it was a forgotten corner infamous for its crime, now it’s the trendy German equivalent of Brooklyn or Hackney

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A German Donald Trump? Likelier than you might think

Berlin, 07/11/2016

A nationwide survey reveals that while the man himself is scorned, support for his top policies is stronger than expected.

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