On this page you can obtain all personally identifiable information we have collected about you

We take privacy very seriously, so we will need a little bit of help finding you in our system:

Step 1: Find the ad ID of the Android phone you installed the app on

Your phone’s ad ID is the key to helping us find your account.

1. Find the ‘Google Einstellungen’ app on your Android phone and open it

2. Tap on ‘Anzeigen’

3. Make a note of the text under ‘Meine Werbe-ID’


Step 2: Encrypt the ad ID

Encrypting the ad ID makes it more secure, and means that we never see your real ad ID.

1. Visit http://hashgenerator.de/

2. Enter your ad ID from step 1 in the ‘Deine Nachricht…’ field

3. Copy the text that appears in the ’SHA-1’ field and paste it into the field below

Step 3: Tell us the encrypted ID and your email address which we use to send you the information

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