Independent of your other revenue

We don’t interfere with your existing revenue sources (e.g. ads)


Our code runs in the background and is invisible to the user

Quick and easy

It only takes a few minutes to integrate our rigorously tested SDK

No ads

We do market research only, and don’t sell anything to your users

Earn for dormant users too

We pay for inactive users as well as active ones, as long as your app’s still installed

How it works

  • Integrate our SDK into your app

    Integration is trivial and the SDK is rigorously tested

  • You receive a recurring monthly fee

    We pay you for all opted-in users, regardless of whether they’ve used your app recently

  • We measure device data

    Our code runs in the background, without disturbing the user

“Locarta allows me to monetise users I wouldn’t be able to otherwise”App developer

Privacy Promise

Strict Privacy

We adhere to German privacy law – one of the toughest in the world


Awarded the ePrivacy seal following an independent audit


All data is aggregated, to prevent anyone being personally identified